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Hansen Medical Offers Hospital Marketing Programs

As part of Hansen Medical’s commitment to ensuring the success of a hospital's investment in the Magellan Robotic System we are pleased to partner with hospitals to develop and execute effective marketing programs that generate awareness of the Intravascular Robotics program within the hospital, among community-referring physicians and patients, and with the local media.

Featured Hospital: Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, OH

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) in Dayton, Ohio, part of the Premier Health System, implemented the Magellan Robotic System under the leadership of Dr. John Matsuura, Vascular Surgeon. Dr. Matsuura explains how Magellan supports MVH’s vision to be the health care provider of choice for patients in Southwestern Ohio.

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Advanced Treatment Close to Home

Dr. John Matsuura, MD
Miami Valley Hospital

Since implementing Magellan, Miami Valley Hospital has initiated a variety of programs to build community awareness of Magellan, with strong coverage by the local press, and strong response from patients in the local community.