Sensei integrates information from multiple sources

  • 3D Mapping System
  • ICE
  • Fluoroscopy
  • EKG Recording System

Access all areas of the Atrium

Artisan Extend Control Catheter
The Artisan® Extend Control Catheter is a robotically steerable sheath that works with the Sensei® X2 Robotic System. With its extended length, flexibility, and control, Artisan Extend reaches hard-to-access areas of the heart.

Sensei Maintains Stable Tissue Contact

Intellisense® Fine Force Technology provides force feedback that is delivered in clear, instinctive visual and tactile formats which can offer physicians enhanced robotic clinical confidence.

Intellisense Force Feedback Visual Display

1 mm Tip Movement

Auto Retract Button

  • Controlled catheter retraction
  • 1 mm precision
  • Range of retraction speeds from 1 mm per half second to 10 mm per second

Motion Scaling

  • Facilitates fine control over catheter movement
  • 4 mm controller movement results in 1 mm catheter tip movement
  • Options for 4:1, 3:1, and 2:1 scaling ratios

Indications for Use: The Hansen Medical Sensei® Robotic System and Accessories are intended to facilitate manipulation, positioning and control of Hansen Medical’s robotically steerable catheters for collecting electrophysiological data within the heart atria with electro-anatomic mapping and recording systems, using the following percutaneous mapping catheters: the Polaris-Dx™ Steerable Diagnostic catheters made by Boston Scientific Corporation and the Livewire™ Electrophysiology catheters made by St. Jude Medical.

The safety and effectiveness of this device for use with cardiac ablation catheters, in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias including atrial fibrillation, have not been established in the United States.